Message from Premiere Kathleen Wynne

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Kathleen Wynne’s letter to One Foot Forward…

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, I am pleased to offer warm greetings to everyone attending this Memorial Dinner and Auction, hosted by One Foot Forward in support of the Gordon and Greyson Zubyck Memorial Fund.

I know that Greyson was a funny, charming, sweet and active little boy. I want to commend Greyson’s parents, John and Shelly Zubyck, for the remarkable courage they continue to show in stepping forward to make a positive difference to the community in his name.

John and Shelly– by raising funds in honour of Greyson and his grandfather, Gordon Zubyck, to support sports programs, healthy activie living activities and scholarships for youth, you are touching the lives of many children and families in the Temiskaming Shores area. Know that you are helping to make your community a stronger, more caring, and more compassionate place.

To everyone here– I wish to thank you for your generous support. Please accept my sincere best wishes for a successful and enjoyable event.
Kathleen Wynne, Premier